What is Project USHERED?

It all started when I was trying to define my life’s purpose way back in 2010. I’ve always known that I want to help others. But how can I best help? So I made a list of things that I’m naturally good at and what others are saying I’m good at. I looked back at my experiences to figure out what are the recurring themes in my life. When do I feel most connected with Life? And when do I feel most alive and true to my inner core?

It took me a while before I got clear on what God is telling me and define how I want to serve Life. And it took me some more time to put into words what encompasses my life’s mission.

And that’s how Project USHERED was born!



USHERED is an acronym for how I want to serve life. I want to Uplift, Support, Help, Encourage, Refresh, Empower, and Delight others through whatever work I’m doing.

Additionally, an “usher” is someone who guides and leads others to a place. In the same way, I want to be an usher for others as they go through their life journey, particularly in exploring, connecting with, and realizing their true Selves.

Ultimately, I envision for Project USHERED to usher in a new way of living. I see a movement of individuals going on a journey of self-discovery; living their lives in authenticity and inspiration; and sharing their beautiful and unique light wherever they are, in whatever work they are doing, and whoever they are interacting with.

About the Founder

ushered-profile-pic_auto-correctHi! My name is Jostine. I’m a Lover of Life, a Wanderer, and an Agent of Light. One of my greatest passions in life is personal growth and development. My quest for meaning and purpose led me to a beautiful realization that it’s not so much as a search for one’s purpose but it’s more of an allowing of what’s already inside us to come out and manifest in our lives.

Ever a wanderer, I take delighted (and sometimes anxious) anticipation in following the beat of my own heart and allowing life to unfold as is.

As the founder and creator of Project USHERED, I will continue to step into my purpose with confidence, show up, connect, and share my light.

Join the Movement!

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Peace, love, and light!



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